More and more people taking this up as an occupation – Many more truckers are needed to fill job vacancies according to NPR’s most current United States census data analysis. It looks like truck driving might be fast becoming America’s most predominant job. NPR found out that in a whopping twenty nine states, truck drivers were the lion share of adults working on full-time basis in the year 2014. The trucking industry is a sector that is highly immune to automation and globalization, which are two trends that have seen blue-collar jobs in the United States move towards extinction for the last forty years.

Truck Drivers Are Mostly Immune To Globalization and Automation - Until they get those self driving big rigs on the road! The analysis gives an illustration of how the job arena has changed gradually. In the year 1987, a secretary was the most popular job whereas in other states, it was farming.
There are few cautions to the NPR’s analysis. The data they utilized, provided by the Population center of the University of Minnesota, which gathers publicly available information from the public, can be diced and sliced into various ways due to the manner in which the United States census groups certain occupations.

Truck drivers, for instance can include FedEx or UPS employed delivery men as well as the traditional short and long-haul drivers who haul commercial goods between states in the US. The increase of e-commerce has triggered an immense growth in US shipments thus accounting for almost half of UPS’s local packages. Since those packages have to be delivered by someone that is until Amazon unravels its new delivery service off the ground – it is quite obvious that there is a growth of jobs in this field.

According to United States’ Bureau of Statistics and Labor, there will be a double demand for truck drivers in the next decade from 2014’s 1.4 million to 2.76 million in the year 2022. Another aspect to consider: the analysis by NPR only takes into account United States’ full-time workers who are defined by those working not less than thirty five hours per week. If you take into account part-time workers, school teachers will definitely be one of the most popular jobs in most of the states.

Truck Driving Is the Most Popular Full Time Job in the United States
This is according to Katy Genadek, who is a researcher at the population center in the University of Minnesota. NPR also omitted the wide category of salespersons from the data which brings out the possibility that they excluded many part-time workers, with retail workers inclusive. According to BLS, Bureau of Labor Statistics in the year 2013, cashiers and retail salespeople were the two biggest occupations in the United States.
No one can deny that truckers are in high demand, and to such a great extent that companies are finding it hard to fill the positions. A year ago, the American Truck Organization informed Bloomberg of the presence of twenty five thousand unfilled trucking jobs in the market.

Pay Scale claims commercial truckers earn an hourly wage of $17.50 (I would go broke at that amount)
Jerry Skipper, aged forty nine has spent eight years as a commercial driver working in McDonough, Ga. He made his way into the industry back in the year 2007. Soon after his employer, the Ford Motor factory where he was an assemblyman announced it was shutting down, he found that jobs on the road were sufficient.
Skipper who hauls metal from Georgia to Alabama with a forty eight-foot flatbed truck said that truck driving jobs were advertised in every community he checked into.

According to Pay-scale, US commercial truck drivers earn an hourly wage of $17.19 which amounts to an annual earning within the range of $29,000 to $63,000. The driving hours can be daunting despite the government’s action to reduce the maximum driving time in the year 2013 to try and counter fatigue-related accidents. The new regulations reduced the work time for drivers from eighty two hours to seventy. Skipper says he started off his career with a Birmingham-based company where he claims to have been hardly at home for more than thirty six hours before getting back on the lanes. This forced him to spend most nights in his truck. He spent a year before securing a job with another company that offered better working hours. He now works for fifty hours and can spend every night at his home. As far as job stability is concerned, he has nothing to worry about. He says that he has been into truck driving for eight years and had no commercial violations on his records. He also claims that he can comfortably work anywhere else.