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1Apr 2016

Some Truck Stop Tips Explained

Park beside a curb if possible. At least that side of the truck will be protected from getting snagged by someone pulling out. You’ll usually find these spaces at the back of the parking lot or furthest away from the building because drivers don’t want to walk. But they are still the first to go so good luck.

And finding a […]

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31Dec 2015

Professional Truck Driver – Winter Driving Tips

It’s that time of year again; winter is upon us. It is no secret that safety is our number one priority, and we believe it is important to share helpful tips throughout the year, especially during the winter months.

It would be nice to just head south for the winter but freight doesn’t always give us that luxury.  Just when we […]

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21Dec 2015

Winter Driving Tips for Truck Drivers


Roadmaster School Director, Dan Donner has some really helpful tips to pass along to graduates and other truckers who may find themselves working in some of the frozen parts of the country.

#1 Like a good Boy Scout… Be Prepared!

When traveling in colder climates one must always be ready for whatever you may encounter. Yes, this is common sense… […]

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16Dec 2015

4 Benefits to Shipping via Less Than Truckload Freight

Often Less than Truckload Shipping is More Cost Effective and with More Available Options

The main advantage to using a less than truckload carrier is that a shipment may be transported for a fraction of the cost of hiring an entire truck and trailer for an exclusive shipment. Since the carrier is moving multiple freight shipments from multiple shippers, the freight […]

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30Oct 2015

8 Things Every Person Should Do After 8 P.M.

Morning routines are all the buzz these days. Everyone has one. Few people have considered a night routine. If you don’t have a night routine, you are missing out on the most rewarding and meaningful part of your day.

If you’re like most people, your nights are probably spent vegging out on social media, Netflix, drinking, and snacking.

Scientifically, these behaviors are […]

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22Sep 2015

12 Tips to Help Drivers Stay Awake Longer

By Brett Aquila
Truck drivers have very long days and erratic sleep schedules. Most are also getting paid by how much work they get done, whether it be by the mile, by the hour, or a percentage of what the load pays. Staying awake and alert for long periods of time is critical if you want to be a safe, productive driver. […]

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31Jul 2015

You Won’t Get Anywhere in Trucking If You Can’t Get Along With Your Support Personnel

By Brett Aquila

It All Starts In the Offices

Truckers are the last in a long line of people it takes to keep the freight move around this country. Not last in importance, but last in the order of things to be done. Long before you get assigned a load as a driver you often have hundreds or even thousands of support […]

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13Jul 2015

18-Year Old’s as Truckers Drives Up Safety Fears


Industry wants age lowered from 21 because of a shortage of drivers (Associated Press 7/11/2015)

Parents may hesitate to hand teens the keys to the family car, but Congress is proposing to allow drivers as young as 18 to get behind the wheel of big rigs on the nation’s interstates.

Federal regulations require drivers to be at least […]

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19Jun 2015

Truck Driver Wage Increase Expected to Increase Shipping Costs Emphasizing Focus on Transportation Management

Those in the trucking industry may finally get that big pay raise they’ve been wanting for decades. But what will this mean to those on the logistics side of shipping and receiving? After all, if there is a truck driver wage increase that money has to come from somewhere. The major concern throughout the logistics sector is that the increased pay will cause […]

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5Jun 2015

Why Trucking Company Blogs are Great for SEO

When prospective drivers are on the job hunt, one of the first places they go to look is search engines. Here, they type in keywords that pertain to what they are looking for and the front page of the search engine provides users with the appropriate content. To recruit drivers, it’s important for your trucking company to show up high […]

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22May 2015

How to choose the best trucking company to move your freight.

So many different freight shipping companies. How to choose the best trucking company for your freight.

Companies that ship their merchandise across the country or across the globe need to find the trucking carrier that is equipped to make the haul, while still being affordable. Smaller carriers may offer discounts to businesses that have their merchandise on pallets and ready to […]

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14May 2015

Truck Driving is a Very Popular Job!

More and more people taking this up as an occupation – Many more truckers are needed to fill job vacancies according to NPR’s most current United States census data analysis. It looks like truck driving might be fast becoming America’s most predominant job. NPR found out that in a whopping twenty nine states, truck drivers were the lion share of […]

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