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Truck Driver Wage Increase Expected to Increase Shipping Costs Emphasizing Focus on Transportation Management

Those in the trucking industry may finally get that big pay raise they’ve been wanting for decades. But what will this mean to those on the logistics side of shipping and receiving? After all, if there is a truck driver wage increase that money has to come from somewhere. The major concern throughout the logistics sector is […]

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Why Trucking Company Blogs are Great for SEO

When prospective drivers are on the job hunt, one of the first places they go to look is search engines. Here, they type in keywords that pertain to what they are looking for and the front page of the search engine provides users with the appropriate content. To recruit drivers, it’s important for your trucking […]

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How to choose the best trucking company to move your freight.

So many different freight shipping companies. How to choose the best trucking company for your freight.

Companies that ship their merchandise across the country or across the globe need to find the trucking carrier that is equipped to make the haul, while still being affordable. Smaller carriers may offer discounts to businesses that have their merchandise […]

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Truck Driving is a Very Popular Job!

More and more people taking this up as an occupation – Many more truckers are needed to fill job vacancies according to NPR’s most current United States census data analysis. It looks like truck driving might be fast becoming America’s most predominant job. NPR found out that in a whopping twenty nine states, truck drivers […]

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